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The center introduced

1. Objectives
‧Providing services regarding matters pertaining to academic and student affairs of the Continuing Education Program.
‧Planning and executing a variety of continuing education courses in compliance with government policies and NTUNHS’s direction of development.

Mission: cultivating high quality healthcare professionals.

Vision: becoming an outstanding continuing educational pioneer in healthcare.

Values: encouraging life-long learning and customer-oriented service.

2. Strategies
1.Achieving outstanding performance on the Center’s overall evaluation and other on-site assessment.
2.Planning the overall developmental direction and strategies: conducting brainstorming sessions at the monthly general meeting and other ad hoc meetings.
3.Creating a blueprint based on the School’s planning and deliberation mechanisms: planning a platform for exchanges with NTUNHS teachers.
4.Encouraging NTUNHS staff to seek education and training compensation from institutions outside of NTUNHS, establish pre-employment training courses, and enhance the effectiveness of the continuing education program at NTUNHS with creativity and innovation.
5.Planning and implementing courses or activities to cultivate students’ humanities studies and spirit of community.

3.Organizational Development
‧Continuing Education Division: Managing matters pertaining to course planning, teaching, and evaluation.
.Extension Services Division: Managing matters pertaining to course planning, teaching, and evaluation.

4.Service Characteristics
‧Providing high-quality healthcare and nursing-related continuing education courses to enhance the professionalism for medical practitioners
‧Implementing a variety of child welfare professional training courses as commissioned by the Department of Social Welfare to cater to the rising demand for childcare professionals in the market
‧Implementing a variety of practical healthcare courses to cater to the needs of continuing education and lifelong learning in the community

5. Future Priorities
‧Restructuring the organization and departments of the Center in response to changing industry needs
‧Evaluating and improving different operations to increase the Center’s operational efficiency
‧Developing continuing education programs that reflect the characteristics of NTUNHS, the needs of the community, and the developments of NTUNHS existing and new departments